Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Boom - Merina's Calf Arrives!

Merina's calf surfaces for a quick breath!

Only a couple days after the birth of Calusa's calf, Merina delivered her new, adorable baby on November 15th.

Judging from Merina's behavior and signs of labor contractions, we knew yesterday that it wouldn't be long. Although she held off until after dark, when Medical Director Pat Clough visited Merina's lagoon around 8:45 last night, the flippered bundle of joy was swimming alongside mom.

Merina is an experienced mother, having previously delivered and raised Pandora, Calusa and Cayo. This newborn calf is a cute addition to a lovely family.

It will be some time before we can announce the name of the baby's father. Conceived by artificial insemination, two males from other facilities are candidates. DNA testing in the future will determine which male is the baby daddy.


faith L. said...

Congrats once again! Now 3 babies are swimming in the waters XD

I think Estrella or Bella is a cute name for a female. Bella means beautiful in Italian.
Squirt is a cute name for a boy XD

Liah said...

Hooray for Merina-bean!! I'm dying to go down and see DRC's 3 newest additions:)
Giving Merina a high five was my favorite part of dolphin camp last year because of her sweet smile and classy dolphinality. I know her baby will be just as charming.

Since her name is Merina, I thought fitting baby names would be Jetty, Cove or Slip, as they are all related to a merina. Two more cute names to fit a cute dolphin are River and Echo.

I really hope to go back for D-lab next year and see all my gray-faced friends:)


Annah said...

That is SO great Merina Bean!!!!! I love you and I'm sure the calf is as beautiful as you!

Liah said...

Yay Merina Bean!!!!! Name recommendations:


Annah said...

Its so amazing! 3 babies in a row! Such a blessing.


faith L. said...

Marieanne is a pretty name. Marie for short. Merina & Marie. Marie AND Marieanne means 'star of the sea' in Latin and French.

faith said...

If the calf is a girl, what about Kuvia which means Joyful, joyous. Kuvi for short.

For a boy, what about Hoku which means 'a star' in hawaiian. As the calf is born at night, stars are shining on the wonderful occasion. The calf will always be a bright and shining star.