Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Surprise Visit from an Old Friend

Last week, we were delighted when an old friend stopped by during his vacation in the Florida Keys.

An Olympic gold medalist in diving, Greg Louganis first visited DRC around 1989 with his father. He spent quality time with several of our dolphins, including Theresa, Aleta, Santini and Merina. We were happy to take him out to the lagoons to reconnect with some of the dolphins he's carried in his heart and memory all these years. Aleta brought her son Delta over for an introduction to Greg and his friend, and happily stole some kisses.

A short time later, Santini and Pandora welcomed him for a Dolphin Encounter.

Greg and his friend are super nice people. Guys and dolphins all had a great time together. It was fun for the rest of us to watch the reunion between friends.

A film crew accompanied Greg and obtained footage for a documentary about him. The producer promised to keep in touch and let us know what develops with the film and we'll be happy to share the information with you.