Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Like Mother Like Daughter

Tursi's only daughter, Gypsi, is getting to be more like her mom everyday!
Anyone who walks through the facility can hear a special dolphin named Tursi. Whenever Tursi does a behavior, she screams. Whether it is a leap, flying forward, bob, or anything else from her extensive repertoire, a high pitch squeal accompanies her actions. She was never trained to do this but it’s become a big part of her unique dolphinality.

Tursi has a little girl named Gypsi, who we lovingly refer to as Whopper Junior since she is Tursi’s only daughter. We’ve all wondered whether she’d one day incorporate the signature scream into her behaviors and it looks like she may be on the verge.

Lately, when Gypsi is asked to do a behavior we’ve heard a faint squeal emerge from her blowhole. It’s not as loud or high pitched as her momma’s, but it is audible. It sounds a bit like a gargle, but it’s adorable none the less!

None of Tursi’s boys carried on the tradition of squealing so it would be awesome if her baby girl develops this trademark habit. We can just imagine the two of them grabbing even more attention as they leap and scream together.


Max said...

Tursi's screaming is my ringtone. It frightens me sometimes.