Tuesday, July 30, 2013

People Watchers

Rainbow wears his zinc toupee on sunny days to keep him from a sunburn while he people watches.
Throughout the year at DRC, there are days when the facility is abuzz with activity and other times when we’re less busy and it feels like our own little slice of paradise. In both instances, there are opportunities to see unique aspects of DRC. Sometimes the dolphins are so pumped up by the crowd that they leap to new heights and scream at higher than normal frequencies. When there are fewer guests, their relaxed dolphinalities emerge and you get to see them enjoy the beautiful sunshine as they people watch and explore.

Regardless of what’s going on around them, we always welcome visitors to interact with the dolphins. While some do so through both on the dock and in water programs, a great way to create memories with the dolphins is to stand on the causeway and engage them. Talk to them, call their names, whistle, wave hello. They absolutely love the attention.

There are certain dolphins, like Cayo, Gypsi, and Louie, who love to observe the people who visit the facility every day. They lie out in front of the boardwalks to see what’s going on. Other dolphins, like Rainbow, have a signature spot where they hang out when they aren’t doing a session. Rainbow’s beach area is so much a part of him; he gets zinc oxide on the top of his melon to keep him from getting sunburned while he checks out his surroundings. Every day, guests ask if Rainbow is okay because he stays in that spot for hours. Once they see him in a session though, they’re mesmerized by his energy and athleticism, and then laugh as he makes his way back to his little island after he’s done playing.

Even though the dolphins have a lot of fun sessions and environmental enrichment in their lagoons, it’s great to know that they enjoy people watching. It gives you a lot to think about. Do they notice what kinds of clothes people wear? Are there certain types of people they are naturally more drawn to, such as children?  Regardless of what’s going on inside their heads, you can’t not enjoy dolphin attention.


lillie said...

rainbow is so cute.