Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adorable Meet

Emily, one of our research trainers, recently had a number of young children join her, Tanner and AJ for a Meet the Dolphin program. One three year old girl was too scared to do the flippershake. After the other children did the behavior, Emily talked more to the little girl and the conversation was precious.

“I’ve known these guys for awhile,” Emily said. “They’re really cool.”

“You know ‘dem?” the youngster asked?

Emily nodded. The girl’s mother really wanted her to do the behavior and offered to sit with her on the edge of the dock while she met the dolphins.

“No, Mommy. You don’t know dem,” the little girl said, and then pointed at Emily. “She knows dem.”

Braver now that she was with a real friend of Tanner and AJ’s, the child sat with Emily and shook flippers with our handsome, gentle guys.