Friday, October 10, 2008

Dolphin Fun Facts

We think pretty much everything about dolphins is fun, but we admit we're biased. That said, visitors to DRC ask a lot of great questions and we enjoy sharing more knowledge about the dolphins. Here are a couple of facts that you might not know.

How fast can dolphins swim? Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, like the ones that live at Dolphin Research Center, can swim as fast as 24.5 miles per hour. Typically, they cruise along at an average speed of one to seven miles per hour.

How deep can they dive? The maximum recorded dive depth for Atlantic bottlenose species is 1280 feet. Wow!

Do dolphins in the wild have predators? Yes. Various shark species are known to attack dolphins. Most likely they prey on young dolphins, lone dolphins, or dolphins that might have slowed down due to a variety of reasons. It's believed that orcas might also consider dolphins prey, but this report derives from apparent scarring seen on dolphins, not from any observed attacks.

One of the main dangers to dolphins continues to be humans! As a species, we need to always remain aware of our impact on the ocean environment -- and continue to do our best to reduce pollution, other forms of marine debris, and other negative, mankind-caused problems!


Christy Young said...

I love Delphi!! I loved his suprise presents and knowing eyes. Quite the artist as well. I have a shirt painted by Delphi and Talon.