Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Video of the Week!

Hi, Everyone,

Dolphin Research Center is the Video of the Week on the Florida Keys official tourism website. Check it out at www.fla-keys.com!


Unknown said...

A lovely video, I hope it brings you lots of visitors!

It mentioned something I found very fun about visiting DRC: the dolphins are only a few feet away, unlike at other facilities. I remember interacting with the dolphins while just walking around the grounds, such as the multiple times that ...I think it was Kibby and Talon would hang out under a shaded canopy and scream at me unless I stayed there to pay them some attention. Do they still do this? It's adorable and must be a very enlightening experience for some visitors, to know that the dolphins are watching them back!

tiana said...

gypsi is so cute

Anonymous said...

update on the dolphins soon!:D cant wait for it! :)

DRCFanatic said...

Happy Belated birthday(s) to Merina (11/21)Pandora (11/22) Ras (11/24) Tursi (11/26) and Santini (11/29) sorry to be so late.