Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dolphin Enrichment

Sandy eyes the visitors while strutting his way around the lagoon.

Visitors come to DRC expecting the dolphins to entertain – and the dolphins never disappoint! Did you know that you are also entertainment for the dolphins? Every session with their trainers, new behavior they learn, or interactive program they participate in is part of their daily enrichment. It keeps the days fun, interesting, and challenging.
When a dolphin shows off a high dive or flip, or holds still to practice an important medical behavior and you respond with applause or cheers, you’re helping the dolphin know that he or she did a great job. Your response is positive reinforcement.
In between sessions when you hang out around the lagoons talking to or waving at the dolphins, you are also contributing enrichment to their lives. As you can see from their response, when they “scream” or wave back, they love it when you visit.
Thanks for being part of our dolphins’ days!