Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So You Think YOU Can Dance?

Kilo boogies on the dock.

When it comes to shaking his groove thang, Kilo’s a dancing star. He already does his regular style, where he alternates picking up his front flippers. Now he’s adding more cool moves. Kilo lies down and spins around in his version of a sea lion break dance. He boogies by keeping his front flippers on the boardwalk but wiggling his hind quarters. (Very cute!) Now he’s also learning a cool sway, rhythmically swinging his long neck and head from side to side.
We think the television judges would give him a perfect 10!


Max said...

You guys should post a video of Kilo dancing.
I'd love to see that!

DRCFanatic said...

Kilo is a wonderful dancer! And I'm sure you're right, he would get a 10! I can't wait to visit him on his birthday during Dolphin Camp! See you there, Kilo!