Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Simply Pandora-ble!

When they see Pandora smile, guests can't help smiling back!
Leave it to Pandora to create an experience that entertains not only her, but everybody around. During a recent Dolphin Encounter, when she gave a young girl a flippershake, the guest started to giggle. Pandora didn’t miss a beat before she began giggling, too. This tickled everyone’s funny bones and all of the other Encounter participants began to laugh. There were big smiles everywhere that afternoon!


Anonymous said...

My name's Natalia. I"m 17 and I'm from Poland;)I'm crazy about dolpsins.Unfortunately, in my country I can't see this amazing animals and meet people who work with dolphins. So I come up to write somebody with other country who love this loveable creatures very much and work with it. I know that a lot of teens dream abot see dolphins and love this animals but I feel that I must to struggle for my dream;) and I believe that I achieve my aim- see and work with dolphins.
I admire you that you hepl and protect dolphins. And if you write about your work to me I will be very,very happy. my e-mail nana15@amorki.pl
P.S. I apologise for my english, I know that is not good, but I hope that you undrestand my message

The DRC Family said...

Hi, Natalia. We aren't sure if it will be aired in Poland, but if you can, check your television listings for Animal Planet. Starting August 2nd, Animal Planet throughout Europe will air a program called Dolphin Days so you'll get to see and learn a lot about the Dolphin Research Center family pod. Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

I’m very, very happy that they write to me
Yes, in Poland I can watch this program. I watched first program with my mum and we wait for the next episodes . It’s really fantastic and I sure that I learn a lot abort dolphins. Thanks again that you replay to my message.

Max said...

Don't worry Natalia, I also live far away from the dolphins I so wish to someday work with. Hang in there, and I'm sure we'll both be working with dolphins someday soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm from Singapore & the dolphin days started airing at 7pm yesterday on animal planet.. i wanted to watch desperately but i'm not a subscriber of animal planet thus i could not watch :( is there any way to watch dolphin days?

Anonymous said...

Max, I hope we will work with dolphins and we will fulfill a dream ;) and I will really happy too if I can only touch, only see my lovely dolphins;)
And I’ sorry again for my bed English grammar.