Thursday, May 27, 2010

DRsCene Today!

Some people have the mistaken impression that the Florida Keys have been affected by oil or tar balls. Thankfully, that's not the case. Our hearts go out to everyone in the northern Gulf that's currently being hit by the oil spill. We sincerely hope that the well is capped soon and that the clean-up efforts are successful.

A lot of people have been concerned and wondering if they should cancel their vacation plans in the Keys. Right now, everything's okay. There's a big three day weekend coming up and no reason not to visit DRC and experience all that the Florida Keys have to offer for fun, sun and water.

Here are some photographs we shot today.

Soaring high over clean, beautiful water.

Visit the Keys and DRC and enjoy the coolest way to travel!

The dolphin lagoons are clean and green -- just like they should be!

So far, so good and we'll keep our flippers crossed that this remains the case.