Friday, August 13, 2010

Cuteness Counts

If we could bottle Florida Keys Sunshine and sell it, we'd all be wealthy as royalty. Instead, we'll celebrate that we live on these beautiful, sun-drenched islands, surrounded by clean (oil-free), gorgeous water. Plus, those of us who work at or visit Dolphin Research Center are greeted by dolphins -- including these two cuties.

Delta turns nine months old this month. He's a handsome boy with a lot of charm.

Luna is almost seven months old. She'll melt your heart!

Do you have vacation plans for a last trip before the kids go back to school? How about visiting the Florida Keys and Dolphin Research Center. Delta, Luna, and all of the dolphins, sea lions and humans would love to see you.


faith said...

Delta and Luna are so cute! And soon more baby dolphins are coming :D