Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Donation for Dolphins!

The National Council for Traditional Arts (NCTA) recently presented a generous donation to Dolphin Research Center (DRC). Over $1500.00 was raised as a portion of the proceeds from the 1st Annual Florida Keys Traditional Music Festival that was organized by the NCTA in January 2010 at Sombrero Resort in Marathon. Area musician Joe Mama presented the check on behalf of the NCTA to DRC President and CEO Rita Irwin and Rainbow.

Many thanks to all of the organizers, performers, volunteers and attendees of the Music Festival. We appreciate your support!


Unknown said...


There are many people want to donating amounts for dolphin. Because dolphin is loving human.

Alan Smith….
Maths private tutor

Jewelry Link Exchange said...

it is a great blog about donation for dolphins. I heard that this fish is very much sensitive as like mother.