Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Merina & Calf!

Nothing like video of a cute baby, its mom and other dolphins to bring a smile to the day! Check out the footage of Merina and her calf. Tursi and her little one, as well as Theresa, also appear. For those who wonder what's happening when a mom pushes the baby around with her rostrum, that's one of the ways that moms "surf" their calves. It's a form of play and bonding. It can also be used as discipline if the little one is wandering off or getting into trouble. :-)
So sweet! We hope you enjoy it.


Liah said...

Merina, you've done it again, what a beautiful baby!

Annah said...

So cute merina bean!!

The Gamble Family said...

Had the awesome privilege of sharing deep water encounter with Merina in May this year when she was pregnant. What an amazing dolphin lady she ia. Real inspiration for our deaf son and all very excited to see new baby. Can't wait to re-visit you ..... one day