Monday, March 21, 2011

The Babies Have Names!

Gambit, a little strategist, keeps Mom Tursi on her flukes!

Dolphin Research Center is delighted to reveal the names recently given to our youngest family members!
Tursi and Kibby's son is now named Gambit.  His grandparents Mr. Gipper and Little Bit inspired us to take bits of each of their names for their young descendent.  One of the definitions of a gambit is that it's a maneuver used to gain an advantage.  That fits this clever boy as we frequently see him zipping around, trying to join up with Merina's baby or investigate something away from Tursi's watchful eye.

Flagler's name honors his Florida Keys roots!
Little Flagler, Merina's son, takes his name from a famous Florida resident, Henry Flagler, who made a major impact on the Florida Keys.  In the early 1900s, Flagler began to build a railroad from the mainland through the Keys.  In 1912, he road his dream down 128 miles, island by island, over miles of constructed bridges, viaducts, and causeways.  The railway helped Key West and the Florida Keys flourish and Flagler's company was responsible for many other hotels and businesses that greatly benefited the island chain. 

Our little boy has lots of growing to do and as we watch him develop, we'll see if he's a "mover and a shaker" like the famous man for him who is named!

We don't know the identity of Flagler's daddy yet.  He was conceived via artificial insemination and there are two candidates.  It will be several months before we can obtain a sample for DNA testing but once we know for sure, we will share the news!

Many thanks to all of our members, visitors, Facebook fans, and staff who submitted countless name suggestions!  We hope you can visit the babies soon.


LiaH said...


I really Love their names and aren't they adorable!

I'm so happy!!!:):):):)

Gambit and Flagler... So cute!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happpppyyyyy!!!

Their names are just adorable and totally fit them.

Can't wait to visit them!