Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Farewell to a Dear Family Member

Theresa always made us laugh with the unique "motor boat" sound she made during speed runs.

Dear DRC Friends and Family Members,

With heavy hearts we share the news that earlier today we lost our dear Theresa due to complications of old age. As you know, Theresa was in her mid-to-upper-50s and one of the oldest dolphins in human care. In recent months, we saw signs that her normally robust health was beginning to fade. We monitored her carefully, determined that she was not suffering or in pain, and resolved to continue to support her comfortably and with love. Her death today was peaceful and she was surrounded by loving family members.

We honor her spirit each day by living life to its fullest, as she did every day.

Theresa lived here since 1968, longer than any other dolphin or person, and touched thousands of lives for the better. She will be missed.

We know that you join us in our sorrow.

Editor note: Theresa passed away just as we were going to print with the May/June issue of The Dolphin Society newsletter. There was not time to write a full story about this incomparable dolphin and do her justice. We will pay tribute to Theresa in the July/August issue.


Anonymous said...

My heart is crushed to read of the bad news about Theresa's passing into "dolphin heaven." sobbing my heart out, may she forever be honored..!!

mako84 said...

My heart breaks to hear this news. Theresa was an unforgettable lady. My thoughts are with the DRC family - people & dolphins - as I know she will be missed by all.

Unknown said...

I had the greatest pleasure of swimming with T-bear. I am so glad I had the opportunity to share in her life. She enriched mine with her gentle ways, and loving trust while we swam as one in her world. Rest peacefully gracious Lady. You will always be remembered with Love!

Anonymous said...

I love you and will miss you Theresa. You were the oldest and wisest of them all and we mourn your passing.

Max said...

Theresa was a very special dolphin in a lot of different ways. Her life was always an exciting adventure that would make Flipper jealous. She also taught us, as humans, so much about what it is to be a dolphin. Most importantly, she was the biggest part of DRC's rich history, having been there longer than anyone else. She was a wonderful dolphin who lived a spectacular life, one that could easily be made into a movie or documentary. We will all miss having her around, but we will always be grateful for her willingness to spend time with us. Goodbye, Theresa

The Kenney Family said...

Bye T-Bear! You will be missed by your many friends and fans. I hope wherever you're at there are lots of fish to eat and plenty of people to clap as you motor boat around.
Love ya,
The Kenneys

andrea-maria said...

To Mandy and the DRC staff, my deepest condolences and prayers as you grieve. The loss of such a wonderful creature must be tough. Theresa always made me laugh when we visit DRC. As I told my mom after I read the FB post, I can recall in dolphinlab, Theresa making us feel like we knew what we were doing but carefully keeping us in our places and not letting us forget she ran the show. I was blessed to swim with her one trip to DRC, a day i will never forget!!

Rest in peace T!

Unknown said...

Theresa, smiling Theresa, you will be missed.

LiaH said...


I will always miss you:(

Laura Catlow said...

I remember telling Jayne R. I had a favorite dolphin (Tursi) and she scolded me saying it wasn't right to have a favorite among your children which is how she saw the dolphins! I pressed her though and asked,"Jayne who is your favorite?" She replied in a whisper-"Theresa." I will never ever forget either Jayne or Theresa, they were both amazing and very dear to my catlow

Anonymous said...

Farewelll, Hot Lips! You will forever hold a place in my heart as the FIRST dolphin I ever played with at DRC...or EVER, for that matter! Dearest DRC family, thank you for providing a most illustrious life for a very special lady!
Tammy "TMS" Chabot, former ACT member, circa 1996

Marti said...

Sad news :(. I saw her in the "Dolphin Days ".

R.I.P. Theresa. Now you're in heaven.

GinnyStar said...

I'm sad to hear this, I'm a fan of Dolphins, and have a fan base wirtten one a Work in Progress, that stall out, in my mind, waiting to share with others.

Cynthia said...

Theresa was a special dolphin that I have had the pleasure of knowing since 1985. I will miss you T-Bear. There is a special place in Heaven for you.

michael fritton said...

Theresa (once, along time ago in the 1980's) went on a journey in the British Virgin Islands. I was lucky enough to have been the guy who "found" her swimming one morning in Brewer's Bay, Tortola.
At the time I was camping and all alone on an empty beach. Theresa showed up, swam with me, did her tricks, and gave me the most magical moment of my life. We swam for at least an hour. I of course thought I was training a wild dolphin, she of course was begging me for food. Imagine my surprise when I learned the circumstances. I will forever remember her.
May God Bless her Spirit.
Michael Fritton