Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Does anyone remember this Halloween costume?

You could roam your neighborhood collecting candy while dressed as everyone's favorite dolphin. (Yes, there are some people on staff at DRC who own up to doing just that.)

These days, we could probably do better than a plastic mask and shiny acetate suit. How great would it be to create a dolphin outfit, or any costume, reusing things from something else or using recyclable materials?

Go green for Halloween. All of your dolphin friends will be grateful!

Kibby's ready for Fintasy Fest or any costumed event!


Max said...

Google image search "robot dolphin costume" and look at the 1st picture to pop up. That one's my favorite dolphin themed costume. :)

Alyssa Harrell said...

Great idea! I bet there are all sorts of pics up on Facebook this week of people who have tried to do just that.