Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DRC Establishes New College of Marine Mammal Professions!

Dolphin Research Center is proud to announce that we have now established The College of Marine Mammal Professions (CMMP), a fully licensed academic institution where students will acquire extensive practical knowledge and hands on skills.  Not only will they receive the training they need to work in this industry, but they will also earn a college degree in the process when they successfully complete the program!
In September, 2013, the first CMMP program, an Associate of Science Degree in Marine Mammal Behavior, Care and Training (MMBCT) will commence.  In the future, we intend to expand and offer other degrees within the field of marine mammal professions.

The application period for the first program begins in a few months on November 1, 2012!

Among the many skills that students in the MMBCT program will develop will be the ability to assess marine mammal behavior, adeptly provide appropriate husbandry care and apply positive training techniques for the well being and enrichment of marine mammals in human care. Additionally, graduates of this program will learn a variety of presentation techniques to assist them in educating a wide range of audiences.

As a long time innovator in the field of marine mammal professions, DRC is excited to take a lead role in offering professional degreed programs that will positively enhance the lives of marine mammals in human care and around the world.

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Max said...

Wow! That sounds like a big undertaking. If only you had offered it when I was in school.

Anonymous said...

Wow, but how much does it cost? I would definately sign up if I can afford it! I will be finishing my highscool in two years, and this would be a great choice!

The DRC Family said...

The fees are listed on our website, and we do have a payment plan.