Monday, September 24, 2012

Woof Friendly

Dogs and dolphins are just as curious about one another.

Animals are a member of our family, just like your pooch at home is a member of yours! That’s why at Dolphin Research Center, we are dog friendly and encourage you to bring your pal to spend the day with us.

Dogs are such a staple at DRC that we’ve made them members of our DolphinLab classes. In the Adult DolphinLab Advanced Marine Mammal Training and Enrichment, each student works individually with a staff member’s dog. Under the supervision of our experienced trainers and educators, the students apply training principles and practices and train their dog partner a new behavior.

We have many members who visit DRC regularly and spend the day here with their dogs. It’s a great way to enjoy a beautiful day out with the entire family without the worry and stress of leaving your pet at home or at a hotel. (Nobody ever wants to see a dog left in a hot car in the parking lot.  This is dangerous and illegal.)

Our dolphins are genuinely curious about their four legged friends. They’re often caught spying on dogs when they’re on the causeway, and we’re sure your canine will be equally as curious about our gray family members.

Please make sure to bring water, a bowl, and bags to clean up after your pet. All dogs must be kept on a leash and must be accompanied by a person at all times. If you decide you want to do an interactive program with our dolphins, you must have a member of your party handling your pet at all times.


Max said...

The relationship between dolphins and dogs is fascinating, but has anyone ever tried introducing the pod to the tropical birds, or even the cats? I'm curious to see how they would interact.

The DRC Family said...

Sometimes the DRC cats wander up toward the front lagoon. They appear more interested in the iguanas or the fish in the dolphins' coolers.

Only one of the birds is comfortable traveling around the facility but we haven't brought him down on a floating dock.

From time to time a great white heron or sea gulls land on the floating docks and might catch the attention of a dolphin. In particular we remember Cayo chinning herself up onto the dock for a closer look and then spitting water at a sea gull!