Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Quieter Days of DRC

Molly struts for the crowd.

As the seasons change and the air cools down, ever so slightly, in the Florida Keys, we see a shift of the amount of people who are visiting and interacting with the dolphins. The facility is less congested, and the dolphins are doing fewer programs than they normally do during our busier times of the year. It’s a mini vacation, for both the dolphins and our staff. Yet we get anxious to have more people walk through our doors. Not because we want the facility to be full, or we want people to participate in programs, but because we want to show off our dolphin family and continue to share knowledge about marine mammals, ocean conservation, and all things dear to DRC’s heart.

During this time, we are able focus more on educational programs outside of DolphinLab and DolphinCamp. We encourage schools in Monroe County to bring their students to the facility, or we ask them to seek out the Education staff to enter their classrooms and bring a piece of DRC into their schools. As always, DRC believes that if people know more about marine mammals, they’ll strive to protect them.

In several weeks, we’ll go back to being as busy as we were before. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas bring in lots of new guests and potential members who we can share DRC’s philosophies with. People travel from all over the world to visit us, and we can’t help but be excited to meet new friendly faces and create more memories that will last a lifetime.


Max said...

That really sums up what DRC is all about: teaching people about the marine mammals we share this planet with