Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mangrove Decorations

Aleta, and her lagoon mates, kept peeking over the mangroves to see what Mandy was doing.
While Aleta, Merina, and Pandora were playing with their trainers, they suddenly lost interest in what was going on at their dock and began peeking over the mangroves. It turns out that Mandy Rodriguez, Dolphin Research Center’s COO and Co-Founder, was gardening and the girls wanted to see just what he was doing to spruce up their home.

As Mandy took care of some maintenance and trimmed a few trees, the girls eagerly watched. Even when their trainers called them back over to the dock, the girls couldn’t tear their eyes away from the remodeling.

Perhaps the girls just wanted to add their own feminine touch, or wanted to make sure Mandy was doing a good job. Either way, the girls seemed to be very interested. Once he finished, the girls returned to the dock.  Guess that was their seal of approval.