Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aleta Gull

There are some dolphins that have perfected combo-behaviors and Aleta is one of them. Whether she is flying through the air rostrum to rostrum with one of her sisters or imitating a gator mid speed run, Aleta never ceases to amaze us.

Aleta loves to show off one behavior in particular, a flying seagull. To do this, Aleta dives, wiggles her flippers, and also emits a high pitch vocal much like the birds who flock the facility. She’s so good at it that she often does it on her own, whether or not she’s asked.

However, Aleta is always one to excel. She constantly keeps us on our toes and her lagoon mates on their tail flukes as she shows off what she can do. The most recent addition being a variation of her seagull impression. While Aleta still wiggled her flippers and made a high pitched squawk, she did something that we’re not even sure birds can do themselves. Aleta stunned the crowd as she flew through the front lagoon upside down. That’s right: Aleta pulled off an upside down, flying seagull, impression.

As she wiggled her flippers, chirped, and flew in front of a crowd all you could hear were cheers and applauses. It was truly a sight to see. Is there anything Aleta can’t do!? We think not.


lillie said...

wow!!!!!!!!! amazing good job aleta