Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Louie Laughter

Louie just loves to make people giggle!
You know the saying, “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”? Well, it’s especially true when it’s an imitation from a dolphin! Louie, one of our two rescue dolphins, has shown that he is phenomenal when it comes to cognitive games. Whether he copies his human friends or matches two items, he loves to use his brain and has found the prime location to do so.

One of his favorite places to hang out is by the bridge next to the back lagoons. From that spot, he’s figured out that he can chat with the bigger boy dolphins and people watch at the same time. Louie is such an attention grabber that he often entices adoring fans to stop by and have conversations with him, which often leads to laughter.

The staff loves to show the guests how to interact with the dolphin from the causeway. On this particular day, a small crowd formed as one of our educators, Ashley, had a giggle fest with Louie. The two of them went back and forth “hahaha”-ing. First Ashley would laugh, and then Louie would copy. Afterwards, Ashley would make another noise, like a raspberry or kiss, and Louie would imitate that too. When he did, she’d start to laugh again and Louie followed suit.

As the two exchanged imitations, it piqued the interest of some of the other dolphins in the same lagoon. Some waved hello or spun in circles, however Louie kept up the laughter. It was fun to see his reaction to anyone who giggled. Next time you see Louie, start to laugh and see what happens. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.