Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Something Borrowed

Molly is one of the most fashionable dolphins at DRC!
It may surprise some people that adoptive dolphin parents love to send scarves to DRC. Molly, the oldest dolphin that resides at the facility, loves to wear these fun accessories. Long time trainers who have worked with Molly for years tell stories about how she used to steal towels on the dock and carry them on her pectoral flipper or tail flukes. However, as she’s gotten older she’s added a bit of class into her wardrobe and become our resident Fashionista. Every lagoon that she’s lived in has scarves hidden somewhere in a place we affectionately call Molly’s Closet.

Recently, some of the younger dolphins have broken into this lively lady’s wardrobe while she’s rooming in a separate lagoon with Pandora and Calusa. We aren’t sure how they managed to find Molly’s scarves, since our own Animal Care and Habitat staff can’t figure out where she keeps her treasures, but they sure do have a blast playing dress up!

One morning, Flagler and Delta couldn’t help but be absolutely adorable as they showed off the scarf they managed to secure. They swam around the lagoon with it around their flippers and had fun holding it on their rostrums. Unlike Molly though, their favorite activity with the scarf was fetch! They couldn’t wait to bring the colorful garment to the dock and have it thrown back into the lagoon.

The most adorable part of the scarf game was watching Delta and Flagler attempt to handle the accessory. The boys tried to throw it back to the dock like they would a piece of seaweed or a mangrove pod. However, the scarf was heavier and bulkier than their more natural toys and wouldn’t get the air needed for the toss. Instead, it ended up covering their entire face. Then, the two of them seemed perplexed when it submerged whenever they let it go. Flagler constantly brought it back up to the surface, let it go, and watched it sink.

Delta and Flagler had a great time with the scarf, but they’re going to need a few lessons on how to properly maneuver the borrowed accessory from Molly. Until then we’ll have a blast as the boys show us the other lagoon treasures they’re sure to find.