Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter

A few weeks ago, Pandora moved back into the front lagoon with her daughter, Luna, and we’ve seen them hang out quite a bit. The two of them, since they are mother and daughter, are identified by pink zinc oxide on their dorsal fins. Pandora has a dot and Luna has a stripe. Luna seems to be becoming more and more like her mother every day.

Pandora is known for her love of target poles. The girl will seriously tuck one under her flipper and carry it around for days! Turns out, Luna has realized the fun in her momma’s game because one day when Pandora wasn’t guarding her precious pole, little Luna managed to sweep in and get it all to herself. When we realized that Luna had swiped her mama’s favorite toy, we couldn’t help but giggle. Half of the time, we can’t get Pandora’s target pole away from her so it’s awesome her little girl could! 

As a fun loving young lady, Luna wasn’t happy just carrying the target pole around like a dolphin accessory. Instead, she had a blast diving deep down into the lagoon with it and then letting it pop back up! Throughout the day, we’d see an object fly out of the water with a sweet little dolphin eagerly after it. Pandora watches but doesn’t dare take away her daughter’s new favorite toy. To make it fair, one of the trainers usually goes onto the dock and throws another one out for Pandora.

Miss Pandora has a very unique dolphinality and it’s great to see her little girl follow in her fluke prints. The two enjoy their time together and also go off on their own with their “friends” in the lagoon. When they decide it’s time for mother and daughter time, Luna and Pandora happily swim along together.