Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Baby Names

We are so pleased to announce that our newest family members have been named!

Aleta's daughter's born on November 6th is named Diva. Given that she is following in the flukeprints of her mother and her grandmother, Misty, this is a fitting... name for this little girl. She's already showing star quality and independence even though she's only a couple of months old! We have no doubt that as her dolphinality continues to develop, so will more of the diva traits she might have inherited.

Merina's fourth daughter, born on November 12th is named Windley, inspired by Windley Key, an island up the highway a bit from DRC. This continues a tradition of choosing Florida Keys-related names for Merina's offspring. Second daughter, Calusa, was named for the Native American tribe that lived in the Keys. Cayo (third girl) is the Spanish word for island. Son Flagler was named after Henry Flagler, the famous developer who built the railroad through the Keys.

Thank you to all who submitted your suggestions and for all your support of our amazing family.