Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Windley Makes Waves

Each day is a milestone in a young dolphin’s life. From their first breath to realizing there’s a world outside of the water, those of us who work with them are blessed to witness many of life’s small experiences. The two most recent additions to the DRC family have made huge strides over the past six months, especially Merina’s little girl Windley.

Can you see Windley's teeny tiny flipper waving hello!? So cute!!
From the start, Windley has followed in the flukeprints of her mother and older siblings by mirroring their exuberance for life. While her six day older cousin, Diva, has stuck close to mom and abided by Aleta’s rules, Windley has proven to be an independent counterpart to Merina’s laidback parenting style.

By watching her mother take part in sessions, Windley has taken major steps to show off how quickly she tries new things. Just the other day, a cameraman came by the lagoon and Windley kept one eye  on him the entire time.  Windley came up in front of  the camera and began to spit, something she could have only picked up from watching her mom or aunt. Then when she was waved to, she picked up her tiny pectoral flipper and did a mild wave back.  Her mom, who has always showed a real interest in cameras herself, proudly swam around as her daughter showed off.

Neither Windley nor Diva has started formal training yet. Everything they pick up is from watching their moms participate in sessions with their trainers and guests. From imitates to dorsal tows, the little girls are gaining first-fin experience in the fine art of heart stealing from their amazing moms.


Unknown said...

So sweet. I hope to be able to travel down there to visit some day. Thank you for you guys do down there!! You guys are awesome!

Diana said...

I can't wait until i can swim with the dolphins of dolphin research center. have to find a nice hotel i can afford and i will be there, hopefully next winter sometime. i hope it is warm in the winter there. So nice. Lifetime dream of mine.