Friday, October 10, 2014

Open Enrollment for DolphinLab & Dolphin Camp!

Want to take part in a seven-day program that surveys a wide range of knowledge, theories and ongoing research concerning dolphins, the marine environment and related issues? Dolphin Research Center offers week long programs to meet those needs: Dolphin Camp (ages 10-14), Teen DolphinLab (ages 15-17) and Adult DolphinLab (18+)! Students meet DRC's resident dolphin population, learning to respect each dolphin as an individual through observation of their unique behavioral and physical characteristics. The courses also offer a combination of educational seminars, workshops, demonstrations, in water and hands-on learning activities with our dolphins, sea lions and staff family. All of Dolphin Research Center's Adult DolphinLab classes are fully college accredited.

Check out a video on what you can expect to do during your program:

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