Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Meet the newest member of the Dolphin Research Center family, Summer.

Dolphin Research Center is excited to announce that we will soon be joined by a new family member!  In July, a baby female Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis) was found weak and malnourished on the shore of Reddington Beach, FL.  She was rescued and rehabilitated back to health at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. (You may know of them from their care of Winter and Hope, whose stories were told in the movies Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2)   Because of her young age, without a family group, the little girl was deemed non-releasable by the federal government and we were chosen as her new, forever home.  We have named her Summer because of when she stranded and in connection to Winter.  She will arrive early in 2015 and we are working closely with her caregivers in Clearwater to prepare her for a smooth transition.  DRC has a long tradition of providing homes for marine mammals in need and are happy to take on the challenges and costs associated in transporting Summer and providing her, and all of our family, with the finest care.  If you would like to help us with this endeavor, please click here to donate.  Please type Summer in the comments.  We’ll keep you posted on her progress and let you know when she arrives.  Thank you, always, for your support!

Summer was named because of the time of year that she stranded, Summer, and in connection to Winter.


Anonymous said...

How cute!!! I hope she'll get along with the other dolphins!

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