Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DRC Helps Rescue Baby Manatee!

DRC Medical Director Pat Clough assesses the baby manatee on scene after the rescue.

This little girl is believed to be only a few weeks old.

Personnel from Dolphin Research Center’s (DRC) Manatee Rescue Team joined with staff from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and Miami Seaquarium (MSQ) to rescue a baby female manatee on Sunday, June 15th. Residents in the bayside area of mile marker 101 in Key Largo had observed the small animal on its own for several days and reported it to the FWC. After locating the calf in a canal, rescuers stretched a net from land and divers picked up the animal and carried it on shore.

DRC’s Medical Director Pat Clough performed an initial assessment of the calf. It was weighed on scene and determined to be only 65 pounds and in need of nutrition and fluids. After the assessment, the manatee was transported to Miami Seaquarium for long term care. “We don’t know how long the baby has been on her own, or what happened to the mother, but she was emaciated and dehydrated,” stated Clough. “Hopefully, with regular nutrition and the excellent around-the-clock care she’ll receive at Miami Seaquarium, she’ll gain weight and be fine.”
The calf underwent additional tests and assessment by Seaquarium veterinarians. They report that she adapted smoothly to being fed by bottle. Seaquarium staff will continue to monitor her condition and provide constant care.
To learn more about manatees, visit the Marine Education section of our website or click here to read facts about manatees.


Anonymous said...

that is great news and considering the manatee is what started us with mermaids maybe this animal can teach us more about the ocean