Monday, June 9, 2008

Best Buddies - Kibby and Delphi

Whether playing with toys or being his charming self, Delphi always gets our attention.

Kibby loves to practice behaviors in between sessions.

Practice makes perfect – or so Kibby might have thought. Recently in between sessions, Kibby practiced his vertical spin behavior for several minutes. Visitors and staff couldn’t help laughing to see Kib spinning around in the middle of his lagoon.

A few minutes later, Delphi demonstrated more of his cute charm. While Research intern Elise stood on the boardwalk doing observations, Delphi did his best to get her attention. He swam up and stared at her with a big, wide-open dolphin grin, then followed it up with his patented “giggle” sound. To top it all off, Delphi turned onto his back and gave Elise, and himself, a round of “applause”. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

makes sense he is trying to please who he wanted to bond with dolphins are like humans that way or at least like me

Christy Young said...

Delphi and Kibby were truly the best of friends! Delphi wasn't the most social of the pod, but he was the most charming to me! Neither were happy without the other in their lagoon. Two of a kind.