Monday, July 14, 2008

From the Hearts of Children

DRC’s Membership Department and Education Department have received wonderful letters from some of the dolphins’ youngest fans.

Kaleigh wrote to thank us for giving her information about endangered dolphins and then asked what she could do to help dolphins herself.

Lilian asked for some pictures of dolphins. She wants to make posters for her neighborhood field because people litter. Lilian then wondered, “. . . if people can carry things full like water bottles (sic) why can’t people carry them empty?”

That’s a great question, Lilian!

Mallory shows that you’re never too young to fall in love with dolphins and try to help. When she was 16 months old, she and her family visited DRC and Mallory loved seeing the dolphins up close. She has a charity piggy bank in which she saved over $13 herself before her second birthday! Her family then threw her a dolphin-themed birthday party and asked for donations in lieu of gifts. Mallory collected over $50 to send to the dolphins.

She and her family hope to visit DRC again when Mallory is 3 and can participate in some of the activities we offer. We hope they come again, too, so we can thank her in person.

Finally, a young student named Olivia came to DRC with classmates and teachers from The Calhoun School in New York City for a week-long DolphinLab program. She was inspired to write this poem about some of the dolphins in the DRC family.

I am Pandora and my belly is pink. My handler points downward and I start to sink.
My name is Pax and I like to fly. Jumping and diving and reaching the sky.
I am Rainbow and sleek, but I am gentle when I kiss your cheek.
My name is Sandy and I am long. Come here and listen to my sweet dolphin song.
I am Santini and I lay in the sun, but I see a blue bucket which signals the fun!
My name is Talon but I am no bird, and I am obedient, just say the word.
I am Tanner, but I cannot tan. I think the whole world is my #1 fan.
My name is Tursi, just watch me dive. Up in the air, I feel so alive!
My name is Aleta and I am so sweet. All of my friends are the ones I will keep.
I am Kibby and I am cool. I swim and I play and I chase fish by the schools.

We love the fact that the dolphins in the DRC family inspire people of all ages to care more about marine mammals and the environment. How great to see so many put that caring into action!