Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Aqualift Chair Installed!

DRC recently installed a second “aqualift” chair. This special equipment is used to assist guests with special needs in and out of the water. The guest sits in the chair and is slowly, safely, lowered into the dolphins’ lagoon. This is a big help for guests who use wheelchairs, or who have any physical challenge that makes it difficult for them to negotiate up and down steps, sit on a floating dock or slide into the water.

We’ve had a similar chair in the front lagoon for many years. A second one installed at another lagoon provides more scheduling flexibility and helps us expand the assistance we offer to anyone with special needs that would like to interact in the water with the dolphins.

Dolphin Research Center is happy to assist guests with special needs at no additional charge to the cost of the program. Simply make sure that you tell us in advance when you call to make a reservation in Dolphin Encounter or Dolphin Dip.

A generous member donated the funds to purchase the new Aqualift chair. Many thanks for your support!

Click here to visit our website and learn more about our Special Needs programs!