Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keeping the Keys Clean!

The cleanup crew gathers around all the debris we collected.

On Friday, September 19th, around 25 Dolphin Research Center staff members and volunteers pitched in to clean up the bridge and surrounding area at the Tom’s Harbor Cut, mile marker 60.6. In less than two hours, the cleaning crew gathered 35 bags of trash, plus a snarled mass of rope so big it took the towing power of two Jeeps to pull it completely out of the water. A discarded fishing net, a truck tire, broken step stool, dive tank, pieces of rebar and a large assortment of other debris were also collected.
In addition to polluting the ocean environment, all of these items have the potential to harm dolphins, manatees, birds, turtles and other marine life!

We tried to haul out this snarled rope, but finally needed two Jeeps to get it out of the water!

It’s amazing that so much junk can be found at a single location. Recent storms might have contributed to blowing some of the stuff around and into the water, but there were plenty of bottles, cans, bottle caps, cigarette butts and other trash items found that clearly were discarded by people using the bridge.

At least this junk is no longer polluting the ocean!

Dolphin Research Center performs cleanups at this area a few times a year. Friday’s event was scheduled in cooperation with the Ocean Conservancy’s annual Coastal Cleanup


The DRC Family said...

Kierstan, if you read this, would you please email me at media@dolphins.org? I accidentally deleted your comment.


Anonymous said...

hi! i would like to ask: does having experience in being a dolphin trainer guarantee a place in the DRC as a dolphin trainer?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of junk, especially that giant bunch of rope. Wonder where that came from?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders how anyone could toss trash out the window of their car into such a beautiful ocean, especially when many people visit the keys to enjoy its natural wonders.

Good Job, DRC! I'm sure you saved a lot of wildlife by removing the trash.

The DRC Family said...

Hi, Amelia, no, having dolphin training experience does not guarantee you a job training dolphins here at DRC. Some of our trainers gained experience elsewhere; others came here with experience with other kinds of animals; still others might not have had training experience, but they were super willing and eager to learn and demonstrated other outstanding qualities or experience. People will less experience go through a long, thorough training process themselves. Nobody just jumps down on a dock and starts training dolphins. There's a lot to learn! For more information, I suggest you visit our website. Go to Marine Education and then Career Opportunities.

Erika, thank you. We can't imagine how anyone can thoughtlessly dump their trash into the environment, but it obviously happens! We all need to do our part and more to protect the environment!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info :D