Friday, September 19, 2008

Rainbow . . . Kibby . . . Marco . . . Polo

Kibby and Rainbow can turn any activity into a game!

Trainer Marie recently went out to narrate a session on the causeway. Rainbow and Kibby decided to add their two cents. Every once in awhile one of the dolphins made a short, loud sound. Within seconds, the other dolphin responded with a similar sound of his own. Back and forth they continued and Marie had a difficult time not laughing during her narration. This vocalization exchange reminded Marie of the game Marco Polo which is usually played in swimming pools. One person closes his or her eyes and calls out, “Marco”, the listens while everyone else responds “Polo”. The Marco person then swims in the direction of the closest voice and tries to tag them.

Leave it to Kibby and Rainbow to create a dolphin version!


Anonymous said...

I think Kibby is very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!