Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Babies!

Ras is a crowd-pleaser with her jumps! Cayo is an independent little charmer

Nobody can resist Gypsi's big grins!
Time flies by or, in the case of dolphin babies, swims by! It’s hard to believe that the youngest members of the Dolphin Research Center pod are turning two years old. We celebrated Ras’s birthday on November 24th. Cayo’s birthday was December 13th. Then, on January 6th, Gypsi turns two.

We now know all three of the proud papas for the little girls, too. Kibby is the father of Ras. Cayo’s dad is Noel at Miami Seaquarium. Rainbow is Gypsi’s dad.

It’s kind of fun to figure out how different dolphins are related. DRC keeps exact track of the family connections. We obviously know maternal relations through their mothers’ right from the get-go, but father parentage spreads new branches on the family trees. Kibby is also Pandora’s father, so that makes her and Ras half-sisters. Rainbow and Tursi previously got together and produced Pax, so Gypsi has an older full-brother in Pax, as well as a half-brother in Talon. She also is half-sister to Calusa since they share a father in Bo-dacious.