Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sad News

Dolphin Research Center is deeply sorry to share the news that Calusa's calf died early this afternoon. In observing him since his birth last Saturday, we recognized that he was not thriving the way that he should in his first days. DRC's Animal Care Committee was looking at ways to intervene and supplement, but the baby's condition rapidly deteriorated.

Calusa was proving herself an excellent mom and did all that she could to nurture the baby. Unfortunately, in every animal species, the youngest are the most delicate. There is an even higher mortality risk for a female's first calf. Sadly, not all who are born survive.

All of us in the DRC family appreciate your concern and support.

Thank you.


Annah B. said...

Oh No! Poor Calusa. My thoughts and prayers are for you and your baby. :(

faith L. said...

So sad to know about this, wish for the best for the other calves and have my blessings. RIP Calusa's calf
We will always remember you.

Kolya Lynne Smith said...

I'm so sad over this. I adopted Calusa last year and I'm so sorry she had to lose her calf. I'm sending transitional Animal Reiki to them both.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad news. Love to Calusa and all at DRC!

Max said...

Even though we expect a high mortality rate in dolphin calves, it still hurts to lose one. I hope this doesn't discourage Calusa from having more.

Liah said...

Oh no, poor Calusa... My heart is with DRC and Cal...
I hope she has the chance to have a baby again in the future:(

Dizneluver said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of Calusa's calf.

My thoughts and prayers will be going up for you and sweet Calusa.

God Bless!

Kelly D <><

Dolphin Swim Man said...

Very sad news about the baby Calf. With life comes death, that is a fact for all species. Unfortunately some get life longer than others. I hope Calusa doesn't get depressed. I heard dolphins can get that way.
God Bless,