Friday, January 21, 2011

Associated Press video about Blindfolded Imitation

The media has really jumped on the story of DRC's latest published research study into Blindfolded Imitation. We thought you might like to see the piece that the Associated Press did after visiting DRC.


Liah said...

Haha, I saw this on CNN Student News!! What a great video, Tanners such a super-star! I could hear his squeaky little voice from a mile away:)
And Kibby of course performed his behaviors very well! What a charming guy:)

I did notice at the end, it mentioned "teaching dolphins new *tricks*"...I cringed

Love to all my dolphins,

Anonymous said...

Hello DRC family. I was just looking on the webpage under meet the pod, and I noticed that Renee is no longer listed. Did she pass away?

Max said...

That's Tanner, our little genius!
The video doesn't work right. You can only see the upper left corner of it. Could you post a link?

Annah said...

Yay Tanner and Kibby! Your famous! I saw you on CNN in school and I miss you guys so much.