Thursday, January 27, 2011

Late-Breaking, Exciting News!

Today we received some wonderful news. We are soon to receive another new addition to our family! There is a two year old male dolphin in Louisiana in desperate need of a home. He was found stranded on the Louisiana shore -- coated with oil and injured -- back in September. We have been asked to provide a forever home for this beautiful boy who, because of his young age and lack of family, would not be able to survive on his own.

Also today we found out that Merina’s baby is boy! We will have more information here as it becomes available and will include more details in our next e-newsletter to members.

Because you are a very important part of DRC we would appreciate your input in helping us name these two young dolphins. If you have any name suggestions that you have not already submitted, please put them in the comments of this blog and we'll add them to the list.

Thank you for being part of Dolphin Research Center and we’ll continue to update the blog and our website to keep you informed!


Unknown said...


Jenna Costa Deedy said...

First comment. I have some name suggestions you might like.

Stranded dolphin-Nico –from the Greek name Nikos, meaning “victory of the people”

Marina's calf-Takoda-means "friend to everyone" in the Sioux Indian language.

I hope you like those name suggestions.

Jennifer Marble said...

For your LA dolphin perhaps you'd consider the name Chance...because he has a second chance after such an unthinkable man made disaster to have a safe forever home. And you, on behalf of man, have a second chance to make it right for him.
How lucky he is for DRC!

Anonymous said...

Bayou would be a name to always remember where he came from.

mn_me said...

wow, how wonderful that DRC will be providing a home for this young fella. Hope to see the new additions later this spring when I venture the Keys in late April.

Addie Moe

Unknown said...

the male dolphin from louisiana should be names louie

Unknown said...

Name suggestions from Aubrey Kehn -

Kaimana - means "power of the ocean" in Hawaiian

Kekoa - means "the brave one", since he endured the oil.

Sotiris - means "salvation" in Greek

Faith Lu said...

I think "Hoku" is a good name for Merina's calf. It means "a star" in hawaiian.

And I think for the new stranded male calf the name "Tide"

Faith said...

Since he came from Louisiana, why not name him "louis" Or "Loui" short for Louisiana.

Lauren said...

For the stranded guy, I like "Louis" as in Louis Armstrong and as in Louisiana. And it would have to be pronounced the same way, like "Louie". Another option would be the names of some of the Mardi Gras parades: Rex, Bacchus, etc. But I still like Louis best.

As for Merina's calf, I think he needs a name to reflect his rambunctious, adventurous, rebellious, and spunky dolphinality. Things that come to mind are "Rebel", "Indiana" (after Indiana Jones of course), and "Moxie".

DRCFanatic said...

Cangrats Merina! How about warf? It's a synonym to Merina. Maybe dock or harbor as well. or perhaps Yacht? Because yacht-merina, haha :)

LiaH said...

This is so exciting!!
Merina's first boy:) And what a lucky dolphin, saved from oil and injury, and about to go to the best place in the world, DRC!

For Merina's boy, I suggest Jetty, Slip, Cove, or River, as they are all "merina" related.

For the new boy coming in, I think Orlee is good name, like Orleans. I also like Rezee, Tide, and Zazu:)

Love to DRC and,

faith L. said...

For the Stranded dolphin:
- Lucky - because he is very Lucky
- Jett -
- Lou - for Louisiana

For Merina's baby boy
- Kai -
Kai means 'keeper of the keys;earth' in Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek.
Kai is also possibly South African which means 'beautiful'. Kai in Hawaiian means 'the sea'

Lauren said...

Just thought of another name for the little guy from Louisiana - "Zydeco", it's a form of Creole music.

Max said...

Wow, two dolphins to name and me with no ideas! I do like "Louis" though.

Kim said...

I love bayou for the Louisiana boy!