Thursday, August 16, 2012

Change it Up!

 “Pandora’s all smiles when the trainers go out of their way to entertain her during sessions”.
Dolphin Research Center is a facility where you will never exactly see the same session twice. We are constantly changing up our routine, trainers, and educators during each program. You could spend an entire month at DRC and every session would be different.

We don’t change what’s going on for our audience, but for our dolphins. Just like us, dolphins can lose interest in something they’re doing and once you’ve lost a dolphin’s attention the session is over. Our dolphins love when our trainers and staff members act silly. Our trainers run up and down the boardwalk, dance around, and work hard to make every session unique; whether it’s new training, enrichment, or research.

It doesn’t stop there. If you walk by a dolphin on the causeway and don’t interact, they make it known. Our dolphins will literally call out to you to be entertained! When that happens, you can’t walk away. You’ll often find people bobbing up and down, waving, or blowing kisses to our beautiful dolphins.

Several of our dolphins can do an entire session simply based off the attention they’re given. Pandora, for example, loves when her trainers entertain her and could care less about the fish they’re offering. Since she was a calf, Pandora has been curious about the world. She loves to play with new toys and feeds off of the energy she’s given. Interactions with Pandora tend to be fast paced and energizing.

Not only do our dolphins love attention, we encourage our guests to be as silly and playful as possible. Our visitors come from other cities, states, and even countries to see the DRC family and we want them to have a memory that lasts a lifetime. Jax waving or Rainbow giggling at you is a unique story to tell to your friends and family and a great way to remember your day at DRC!