Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let's Play Ball

Kibby gets ready to serve.

The dolphins always have their own ideas of what’s going to happen on a session. The schedule may call for a session about research, but if grey faces decide that it’s time to play, then play they shall! During a particularly fun session both the “little” boys and the “big” boys were up for a round of volleyball.

You may think that it was an uneven match since the five largest took on three smaller males, but don’t worry. A.J., Jax, and Tanner proved that they are huge in spirit.  They held their own.

The game began when Jax threw the ball over the boardwalk to the lagoon next door. Not missing a beat, Rainbow threw it back over to his little buddy. A.J. ducked behind Jax and shot it to Talon, who kicked it once over again. As the boys played a very exciting game of dolphin volleyball, onlookers watched as the game heated up the already warm Florida day.

At one point, Jax hit the ball and it flew into the audience. A lucky guest got in on the game! He threw the ball back into the lagoon so the game could resume.

The competition continued throughout the session with no clear winner. A.J. and Jax must have thought the same, because the next day they began another match. As the boys continued to play, more lucky visitors cheered them on.

We’re not sure who won this competition, but for those who were able to have front row seats, it was truly a spectacular event.