Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Distance Learning

Distance Learning has become the new frontier in education. Becoming increasingly popular in university classrooms and a staple for youngsters as they embark on their educational journey, there is a huge demand for captivating courses that can be taught around the globe. While distance learning is not a new method of teaching, it originated using snail mail in the early 1700s; an increase in technology and the ability to have a computer in your pocket has made distance learning the new norm.

The emergence of Internet technology has allowed Dolphin Research Center to spread our wings and take the education experience to a whole new level. Now students don’t have to come to the dolphins, we can bring the dolphins to them! Imagine the motivation to learn when your teacher isn’t only a marine mammal expert, but a flippered friend too. Using a combination of pre-recorded demonstrations, real time discussions, and live on the dock sessions, learning about marine mammals has never been so in depth and exciting!

DRC’s Education department has been taking strides towards making our lesson plans available to classrooms all over the world and tailoring discussions to a wide range of subjects including Dolphin Anatomy/Physiology, Marine Mammal Training, Marine Mammal Health, Cognition Research with Dolphins, Dolphin Ecology and Conservation, Dolphin Reproduction and Maternity, and more programs in the making. DRC offers courses on a science-based marine mammal subject as well as out-of-the-box sessions.

The staff at DRC has learned that students are more engaged when they feel connected to the subject. Think about it; do you learn more from a book about riding a bicycle, or by actually riding a bicycle?

Every course is broken down by subtopic, gently easing students into the subject. Within a 30-45 minute lesson, students will cover a broad range of information while feeling engaged as they watch marine mammals demonstrate aspects of the lesson. After each session, our experts extend an invitation to have a classroom discussion and answer any burning questions about the topic that are on the student’s minds .

Distance Learning opportunities are reasonably priced at only $65 per session. They are offered throughout the year, direct from the Florida Keys to your classroom. All presentations can be modified for any age group and meet all National, and Next Generation Education Standards as well as Ocean Literacy Principles.

For more information, or to arrange a Distance Learning experience for your class, please contact the Education Department at 305-289-1121, ext. 225, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. eastern time, or email us at education@dolphins.org.


Anonymous said...

Love your work at the DRC. Education is the key, DRC is the lock. Bravo to all of your hard work!

Arpitha Singh said...

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