Thursday, January 31, 2013

Calusa's Hoop

Calusa adores her hoops!

Every dolphin has their favorite toy. Some love target poles, others like to play with basketballs. Calusa loves her hula hoops. If you throw a hoop to any of the dolphins and Calusa can get her flippers on it, it’s hers.

Recently, Calusa has been swimming around with a hoop that’s not so circular anymore. A few weeks ago, it broke. We’d be happy to give her a brand new hula hoop in exchange for the broken one, but Calusa has decided that she’s happy with this one. It’s quite hilarious to see her tote around a non-intact hoop as she gleefully swims around her lagoon, especially when she takes the time to show it off to everyone who walks by.

If you’re out on the causeway, look for an adorable dolphin with a ruffled dorsal fin on the left hand side of the back lagoons. You can’t miss this special lady, especially with her purple broken hoop.


Selena Sartor said...

This was one of the cutest things I've ever seen! My mom and I had the pleasure of playing with Calusa and Aleta last week, and her obsession with her purple hula hoop was adorable. Watching her bring me the frisbee, with her hoop "in fin," was quite entertaining. Love three dolphins and staff at DRC!