Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A.J. Sets Up His Target

A.J. with his saber.
In the pod of three young males, A.J., Tanner, and Jax, A.J. is the laid back one. He’s happy to just hang around the causeway and also loves high energy sessions. A.J. is absolutely hilarious and will do almost anything to put a smile on somebody’s face. Even though he is a very relaxed dude, A.J. sometimes does some very interesting things.
After a session, one of the trainers left a target pole for the boys to play within the lagoon. A.J. carried it around like it was a saber. Under his flipper, he took it from one lagoon to the other as if he was a king with a scepter.
He must have been in a royal mood, because when Jax tried to swim through the gate to follow his buddy, A.J. blocked the gate. He held the target pole vertically across the opening which kept Jax from swimming through to the other side.
Jax did a little tango with his friend, as he tried to go through but A.J. kept him out. It seemed that Jax gave up and swam away. However, the spunky little man had one more card up his flipper. When A.J. let his guard down, Jax swiftly swam through to the shallows. He squealed in delight as he did a victory lap.
Don’t worry though; these two are still great friends. A.J. even let Jax carry the target pole around the lagoon after the adventure.