Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Disco Delta

Delta loves to boogie.
We love to see our family members’ dolphinalities shine. It’s interesting to talk to staff about each animal, because we see each of them uniquely. Sometimes a certain person spends a lot of time with one dolphin, while another focuses on another family member. While all of the trainers work with all of the dolphins, there is always something new to uncover about each member of the pod.

Delta, who lives in a lagoon with six other juvenile dolphins, has begun to really show off his quirky side. He loves to have a great time. He’s very curious and has shown that he likes to do things on his own terms.

During an afternoon session with volunteers, Delta had fun as the volunteers spent time with him and the other dolphins in the front lagoon. Suddenly, one of the volunteers asked Delta to dance. He then started to wiggle one of his pectoral flippers. Not only was it adorable, but it resulted in a great new nickname for him, “Disco Delta”!

The volunteers decided that Delta was getting his groove on to the beat of his own song, which apparently was a medley from the disco era. On occasion, Delta waves the same pectoral flipper when asked to dance. It seems that Disco Delta may have found his signature move.