Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Speedster Gambit!

Gambit loves to play!
There are certain behaviors that each dolphin loves. Right now, Gambit loves his speed runs. Whenever he’s asked for it, he gets incredibly excited and cannot wait to show off how awesome he can race. Gambit makes many of his behaviors into a combination activity by opting to turn them into a need for speed.

Recently, Gambit gave a guest a super speedy backrub. He literally flew past her, did a large circle around his lagoon, and then came back to the dock. When his trainer asked him to go a bit slower, he took off again with the same intensity.

She then asked Gambit for his shark impression and he did an awesome speed shark combo. It looked like a shark hyped up on caffeine and had everyone who watched in giggles.
The greatest thing about the dolphins at DRC is that they’re welcome to be individuals. If Gambit decides for the next year all he wants to do is speedy sharks, he’s more than welcome to show off his signature behavior. We love seeing each of their dolphinalities come to life as they show off their creativity and uniqueness.


Paige Berrettoni said...

Just one of the many reasons hat DRC is the best- respecting the individuality of each dolphin shows you recognize how special each one is