Thursday, April 18, 2013

Whose Target Pole?

Pandora doesn't like to share her target pole with anyone.

During a dock time session with the girls in the back, a staff member was lucky to get a present from Aleta. It was one of the girls’ favorite toys, a target pole! However, it seemed that Aleta had been a little overzealous in her choice of gift.

We all know that each dolphin has their own favorite object, and target poles are Pandora’s. She absolutely adores carrying them around like a regal lady. So, when Aleta snatched away her target pole to give to someone else, it was pretty clear that, while it was a sweet gesture, she wasn’t pleased.

The funny thing is that, even though we always love dolphin presents, sometimes you can’t accept them. Especially when you know one is considered theft. As soon as Pandora saw that Aleta had snatched her target pole and was ready to give it away, she raced over to get it back. As Pandora grabbed it and safely tucked it under her flipper, the staff member told her she would never have accepted the purloined target pole.

Aleta did try to steal Pandora’s toy a few more times, but it was useless. Anyone who knows Pandora knows that you don’t take away her target pole unless she gives it to you.