Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slip n Slide Fun

Calusa is a hula hoop enthusiast!
One of the most fun games for both trainers and dolphins is slip ‘n slide. We love to encourage the dolphins to slide onto the dock, do a quick pose, and then slide off. This is something they tend to do on their own in between sessions. That’s always a great photo opportunity.

Recently, Pandora and Calusa were playing with their trainer during a narrated session. To show how petite these sisters are, one of the trainers asked Pandora to come up on the dock and slide off. Pandora happily hopped on and then plunged down into the water several times. She had so much fun that when her trainer went to sit down; she slid up to the spot next to her and hogged the dock.

Then it was Calusa’s turn. However, anyone who knows Calusa knows that she adores her hula hoops. They are her favorite toys! When Calusa was asked to hop up on the deck, you could tell she was thinking “How do I get on with my hula hoop?” Seeing that she would have a little trouble, her trainer asked if she wanted her to hold the hula hoop while Calusa gave it a try. That resulted in a big no from Calusa.  She swam away to hang out with guests on the causeway.

The fun wasn’t over though. Pandora made her way to the other dock in her lagoon and began to slip ‘n slide on that platform too. However, it seemed that Miss Pandora had ulterior motives. Calusa’s favorite toy is a hula hoop, but Pandora’s is a target pole. Her trainer had left the training device in the middle of the dock and Pandora was on a mission to grab it. It took several attempts but before you knew it, Pandora had managed to propel herself onto the dock, grab the target pole, and slide off with it. She was so excited she confidently carried it around to show off to all the guests!

Sessions at DRC are often predictably unpredictable but they’re always fun! Pandora and Calusa had a great time sliding on the docks and playing with their favorite toys and we absolutely love their enthusiasm.  At the end of the program, the audience gave the two girls a round of applause as they strutted their stuff with their favorite toys.


Aunt Farmer said...

Watching the webcam on Oct 15, I saw a dolphin practicing beaching with a hula hoop. Lots of determination and intentional tries and then was doing it easily, consistently. This must've been Calusa. I hope a trainer asks her to do it so she can show off her talent after all that practice :)