Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Pandora and Delta!

There’s even more double delight here at Dolphin Research Center. Pandora and Delta have birthdays! Pandora celebrates her sweet sixteen today while Delta turns four. Both of these amazing dolphins are great at aerial behaviors. Pandora excels at her flying dolphin behavior, where she wiggles her flippers, chirps like a seagull, and leaps through the air. Delta is known for his super duper splashe...s as he breaches high into the sky then flops into the water on his side. When they aren’t showing off, you can usually find Pandora chattering away with the girls and accessorizing herself with a target pole or hula hoop. Delta enjoys rough housing with his buddies and is always the first to explore new items and people in the lagoon. Let’s give these two awesome family members a huge Happy Birthday. We love you Pandora and Delta!