Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tursi's 40th Birthday!

Forty years ago, two Flipper dolphin stunt doubles had an off screen romance and blessed us with the beautiful Tursi. This larger than life lady, affectionately nicknamed Whopper, has seen the facility grow in size, people, and marine mammals .A true happy spirit, she can't help but make sure all eyes are on her by pairing her high energy behaviors with a signature scream. Tursi has a very nurturing spirit and loves to spend time with children, both flippered and human. As a "super mom", Tursi has gifted us with four beautiful children, Talon, Pax, Gypsi, and Gambit. In addition to raising kids, she helps raise new trainers, teaching them who is really in charge: the dolphins! Happy Birthday Tursi. We love you!